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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 28, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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president obama has ordered a review of the nation's safety regulations after the failed terrorist attack on christmas day. tonight the president has also ordered new security measures. this comes after a any yearian man who was on the watch list carrying a u.s. visa tried to blow up a northwest airlines flight with an explosive he smuggled on the plane. the homeland security secretary says there was no problem with the screening system but today she did an about face acknowledging that the system did fail. >> why wasn't he flagged at a higher screening level? how did he get an explosive substance on to the plane? all of those are serious questions we are looking at?
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>> today this picture of the suspect was released and claimed responsibilities for the attempted bombing. the group posted that the suspect was able to fool american intelligence. because of this you'll need to pack your patients. tighter security is in place following the bomb scare on christmas day. linda has the latest now on the changes and local reaction >> reporter: things are changing at the airport. all in response to the christmas scare when a man tried to blow up a plane over detroit. for passengers that means longer lines at check point, random baggage checks and less freedom to move around when the plane is in the air. travelers don't seem to be fazed by the changes. >> whatever needs to be done to make sure we are safe i'm all for it. >> we have to deal with things as they come. there is not a lot we can do about other than continuing
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what we do >> reporter: effective immediately pass jones international flights heading to the u.s. will be screened a second time at the boarding gate. during the final hour of flight passengers have to stay in their seats are no personal item option their laps. >> if they think it is important it is not an imposition >> reporter: new rules do not apply to domestic flights. still travelers can expect beefed up security at airports nationwide. >> something can always happen. i feel there is plenty of security at the airports. sometimes it gets annoying to have to take off your shoes i feel fine >> reporter: it is not known how long the new restrictions will be in place. screenings will differ airport to airport. it is a wish for the new year that will make air travel more smoother. at bwi marshall linda abc 2 news. breaking news in hawaii. obama administration official
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says a child of the president's family friend was hurt on vacation. the president abruptly left golf to return to the first family's compound. journalist saw an ambulance speed past with it lights on. now for a look at tonight's top stories. an 11-year-old maryland girl who police say was abducted by a register sex offenderrer will be buried saturday. she was kidnapped from her home tuesday night. her body was found on christmas day after a massive search. thomas legs jr. is charged with kidnapping and burglary in her disappearance. services will be saturday morning at 11:00 in salisbury. baltimore social activist robert kauffman has died. he ran for a number of offices including senator, city council and governor. he died at a baltimore area
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hospital an christmas day. he had been undergoing kidney dialysis since being beaten and stabbed by a tenant in 2005. a bizarre story out of frederick county. police say a homeless plan trying to sale a plane but crashed it before he was able to take off. it happened after 1:00 this morning. police say the plane was taken from a hangar. cox was found hiding in the woods after the crash. charges are pending. windy enough out there for you this afternoon? i wish i could tell you it is going to change. it will not. it will get windier and colder. if you like this afternoon it
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will be here tomorrow afternoon. few clouds in the west. snow falling in far western maryland. oakland wind chill of one above zero. high wind in the high country. plenty of wind in baltimore. feeling like 21. heading colder tonight. air temperature 26. wind chill will be well down in the low teens feeling like single digits tomorrow morning. bundle up as you head out tuesday. we'll talk about when the cold winds finally subside. that's coming up. the christmas shopping rush may be over but the things you bought at the store may give scam artists a ticket into your personal life. we have more on how they are using fishing scams to wreck your holiday season >> reporter: holidays mean hunting for the perfect present but scammers are using the season to track down
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something special. more victims >> they'll be able to get away with more because we are in a hurried mode >> reporter: we are putting our personal information out there in online orders to credit cards at store couldn'ter. counter scam artist claim there is an problem with your account. >> people fall for it because they too know they are more like look to have problems with their credit cards and bank cards it is because it is the holiday season >> reporter: another mom day phishyour actually giving it to a scam website. that's why the b.b.b. says you should go outside any e-mails that ask for your
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personal information. find e-mail addresses and phone number on your own. don't rely on the contacts they supply or it could cost you. >> there is somebody sitting in a garage somewhere waiting for your call. they'll facilitate the scam artists >> reporter: helping that scammer turn your happy holidays into a nightmare. cash, credit, whatever holiday sales sored again this year. why the spending frenzy isn't quite over yet. movie makers are always looking for a green christmas. this year they got their wish. delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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better holiday sales rising and commodity prices pushed stocks up for the sixth straight day. holiday shopping season was better than expected for retail businesses. sales jumped 4.6%. online purchases grew 15.5%. shopping centers in the baltimore area were packed before the holiday. the big snow storm more than a
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week ago put retailers and shoppers behind schedule. stores across the region are hoping to attract business with after christmas sales amazon said kindle reader was the most sold item. other popular orders include am eight gig i-pod touch and garvin gps device. looking back on this decade and when social networking exploded. what started the whole myspace, twitter, facebook thingy?
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15 minutes, 30 minutes an hour, several hours months years is your teen addicted to facebook?
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here are the signs >> reporter: for a michigan tenth grader chatting and messaging with her friend or facebook have become a huge problem. >> it is like an addiction. you look up one moment and it is day. you look up another moment and it is night >> reporter: in the beginning she was online as little as 20 minutes a day then the minutes grew into a couple of hours on the weekdays and six hours on the weekend. >> her room is messy and we fight over it. we usual you don't fight that much >> reporter: her grades were doing going down. her mom was worried. the obsession to constantly check facebook was disrupting her life. in california best friends monica reed and holly quickly realized they too were wasting too much time on facebook. >> it is time that's unnecessary. we thought the time we saved
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could be used for more productive things >> reporter: these two like so many teenagers were struggling to find a balance between social media and their every day liv >> for a teenager it doesn't make sense because my life gets distract by social media. we are not taking away the internet. it is more of a question of living with these devices that so compel us in a way that serves our human purposes >> reporter: in order to put facebook in its proper place she took action. she asked her sister to change her facebook pass word on monday morning and keep it hidden until friday night. >> it was hard to admit it was hard. my studying habits definitely improved >> reporter: monica and hali decided to limited their use to one saturday a month. >> if you broke the rules you went on for the first time.
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>> you can't blame it all on facebook. that's the latest networking site sucking everyone in. there is twitter after myspace. we'll look at how the social networking began and the impact it has had over the decade >> reporter: it all started in the 90s with sites like which allowed members to connect with old classmate for a fee. by 2002 there were members 18 and over with almost anyone for free. it was myspace in 2003 that took social networking to another level. >> everybody began to migrate towards myspace. it was great for hosting music and gave people tools to go a
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long way to express themselves >> reporter: concerns grew over minors putting too much information on their my space pages sometimes attracting online predators. >> i would get a message you are really pretty. >> reporter: facebook came along in 2004 with a site based on giving status updates on your every day life. first available only to college students the general public was allowed in on the fun in 2006. >> many my space users had accounts in both places and started to move over the facebook which was a cleaner design and a more mature user-friendly atmosphere >> reporter: unlike sites before it it attracted people of all ages changing the culture of social networking. >> it is replacing e-mail for a lot of college students. >> how many facebook friends to do you have?
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>> 270. some people have 500 so it is not that many >> reporter: by 2008 presidential candidates were using facebook as a way to reach voters more quickly. >> updates about the campaigns. what the important issue of the day is. it is a much faster organized way of communicating >> reporter: twitter entered the social networking word in 2006 giving members available to send and receive realtime messages known as tweets >> i see people saying i'm get a drink at this bar. suddenly there is ten people showing up at the bar saying i saw you were twittering about having a drink >> reporter: twitter was soon being used for matter of more significance when protests erupted in iran over the country's election in june of 2009. iran's government tried to shut down media coverage. protesters began tweeting at the violence taking place in their country and the world took notice. >> the use of twitter is a very
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important one. not only do the iranian people but now increasing all to people around the world. i wouldn't know a twitter from a tweeter but apparently it is very important >> reporter: from connecting old classmates to shining a light on political violence social networking was a trend even experts didn't see coming. >> i don't think a lot of people recognized back in the early 2000s what an appealing thing this would be to different kinds of people. myspace is going downhill. twitter, i still got to get the real thing on that. it should be interesting 2010. what will social media bring? take a look at this.
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31 degrees. weather bringing in the cold stuff. i want to show you time lapse photography at the inner harbor today. beautiful day. few morning clouds. watch a few fair weather cumulous clouds. along with the clouds very cold weather now that the sun has gone down. look at the wind chill number. cold stuff. 21 is what it feels like in baltimore. i want to show you some of the more detailed numbers out there in terms of what we are seeing on the wind chill front. just really cold stuff is the bottom line. you look at the temperatures now aberdeen 30. 20s manchester. look at this as we push in the wind gusts gusting to 32. north shore gusting to 35. wind gusts in manchester 31. could see some gusts 45 miles
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per hour tonight and tomorrow. that makes it feel like the teens already in many spots. teens and low 20s. brutally cold stuff. you have to wear layers with this kind of wind and wind chill factor out there. definitely something to factor in again across the board. it only gets colder north and west. look up here. ohio back to pennsylvania snow showers. that's a second cold front. we had the one cold front come through last night. we were in the low 50s this weekend. nice snow melted. good weather around weather retreating a little bit. now it comes back in force. snow across pennsylvania up through new york. second storm system will move up through new england. we may get a few flurries. a big cold blast behind the next system that blows in tonight and keeps the winds howling tomorrow. forecast model maybe brief snow
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flurry action. tomorrow a beautiful-looking day. bring the mittens and the thick coat with a nylon layer to help break the wind out. as we go to the day on wednesday clouds come back a bit. winds relent. then another storm system on the march. that could bring us wintery weather new year's eve night into new year's day. most of the day will be in the 20s. it will feel like the teens with all the wind. winds give up tomorrow night down to 19. quick check of the seven-day forecast. the trend is for cold stuff. wintry weather all week. even into next weekend looking real cold out there. >> thank you. a look ahead to the news at 6:00. a known sex offenderrer is behind bars accused of kidnapping a young girl last week. why his arrest and the lack of information was shared between states has one lawmaker wanting change. the next time you dress for
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baltimore city you'll be surprised at the new dedicated lanes for buses. hoping it will cut down on the amount of time that you have to wait for the next stop. those stories coming up at 6:00.
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movie fans were busy over the weekend boosting books office tickets to record highs. studios are saying ohio ho ho ho ho to all the ticket buying >> reporter: it was anything but a blue christmas at the box
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office. movie goers presented avatar's producers with $75 million in domestic ticket sale. sherlock holmes explode with a $65 million. alvin and the chipmunks exceeded $50 million. three filmed helped push the weekend total to record money. >> the idea is that if you have bad movies out there it doesn't matter if the ticket price was $2 ramp the year began with a huge hit in "slumdog millionaire" followed with transformer, revenge of the fallen and "harry potter." later fans of the twilight books gave new moon the biggest one-day gross ever over $72 million. all this despite the recession and $10 bus ticket prices. >> the amount they put into $10 to see it is not a huge deal >> reporter: for the first time
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ever movie industry seen sales exceed $10 billion. >> every year raises the bar. 2009 raced it the highiest. we'll have to see if 2010 can live up to that >> reporter: so far avatar has live up to its hype with a worldwide take of $600 million so far director james cameron's film could propel hollywood into another titanic year. avatar got to go see that. 2009 comes to a close with news makers you'll remember when you look back on the yea we look back on those who stole the headlines while abc 2 news at 6:00 starts right now. we start off with breaking news that we have been following since 5:00. president barack obama's family is found after an emergency in family's compound in


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